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Paribus is made in Nashville, TN.

Please send us an email if you have any questions not answered below or if you have suggestions to help us make Paribus better.

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Why is the app free?
There are a lot of calculators in the app store. Paribus is way better, so we make it free for you to try. Most of the unique features are enabled without purchase.
How do you make money?
Some of the power features of Paribus PRO are only available with the single in-app purchase to upgrade. These include:
  • Spreadsheet mode
  • Quick tally mode
  • Advanced math library functions
  • Side by side versions
  • Saving named sessions
How do I enter a closed parenthesis?
Long-tap on the () key. It will enter a closed parenthesis instead of open parenthesis.
How do change the currency?
Paribus honors the system setting found in Settings > International > Region Format.
How do change the decimal point?
Paribus honors the system setting found in Settings > International > Region Format.
Where can I get more templates?
You can download templates from your phone.
Can I contribute to Paribus? Is there any developer support?
You can contribute to the Paribus community by joining the project on Github.
I purchased Paribus before it was free with IAP. How can I unlock everything without paying again?
Thank you for your continued support of Paribus. Installing the latest version on the same device as an older paid version, should automatically unlock all features.
If you are on a new device, you can send us an email to request an activation code.