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All the power you need right in your pocket.

Type like you talk

Don't count zeros — enter $15M directly.

Faster than a Spreadsheet

Make & share "back of the napkin" calculations.

Goal Seek

Dial to change values and instantly see results.
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You've been there... Running the numbers on the next business decision when the math gets too complicated to do in your head, there are too many variables to track, or you want to compare results from several assumptions. Handheld calculators are cumbersome, and spreadsheets need the laptop you left in the office.

Paribus was made to get everyday business math done with the iPhone that's always in your pocket.

For that quick conversation or hallway meeting, Paribus lets you type like you talk and get back instant results.

Run down various scenarios with multiple cells. Break up the assumptions so you can quickly change a value and see the result. Then share it with your colleagues and get back to work.

Thanks for giving Paribus a try.

Feature 1

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Feature 2

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Feature 3

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Instant Evaluation

See results instantly as you type.

Everyday Precision

Results are automatically rounded to "conversational" precision. When you need precise results, just toggle fuzzy mode.

Spreadsheet Mode PRO

View multiple columns side-by-side. Inspect each cell or dial up/down to compare alternative models.

Powerful Equations

Spreadsheet-like equations allow you to quickly construct powerful models based on several variables or incremental calculations.

Accurate Entry Keypad

Keys for "thousand", "million", and "billion".

Natural Percentages

Does what you mean.
200 - 30% = 140

Goal Seek

Easily edit values simply by dialing them up or down.

Quick Tally Mode PRO

For quickly adding or subtracting numbers and split totals.

Template Library

Save your own or use pre-packaged templates.

Currency Conversion PRO

Pull latest fiat and crypt exchange rates for easy conversions.

Automatically Save PRO

Everything is saved for easy recall.
PRO users can name sessions for a permanent record.

Share with Colleagues

Share your session via AirDrop, Messages, Print, or a beautifully formatted Email. Colleagues can view the details immediately, or click to open the file in their own copy of Paribus.

Language Support

English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese

Complete Math Library

   ...if you're into that kind of thing.